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Jenny Centen

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Speaking of Me...

My Story

Jenny Centen is the alter ego of a mild-mannered bureaucrat - or perhaps mild-mannered is the wrong descriptor...

I've been writing love stories, short stories and fantasy tales on-and-off since childhood. Each summer, books on loan from the public library 20 miles away arrived free in rural entertain and inspire. I grew up on bodice rippers, gothic tales, horror stories and mysteries.

I returned to romance writing in 2011. With several draft manuscripts completed, it's finally time to figure out whether this is an occasional hobby or a possible second career.

I grew up in a series of one-bathroom houses with four siblings and assorted animals, including gerbils, a Dutch rabbit, a Siamese cat, and several dogs. One final family move and I was riding horses, delivering lambs, plucking chickens and contemplating veterinary school.

I'm a native Midwesterner who relocated to the East Coast to utilize a degree in Political Science (so much for vet school!). I was fortunate to land a job I've loved that has provided me opportunities to travel, experience new cultures, and have impact in my chosen field.

I flew half-way around the world in my early 20s only to meet another American who, years later, would become my life partner. In what's a potentially novella-worthy scenario, I was fresh off a 10-day camel trek in the desert when I bumped into associates who invited me to the American Club to grab a bite to eat. My future mate was among a group of visiting professionals engrossed in building an impressive beer can pyramid. Our son is named after an X-Man.

While I consider myself first-and-foremost an up-and-coming romance writer, readers will see a mix of stories as I play around with various genres and ideas. Time (real life) permitting.

Thanks for joining me on this journey.

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